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  • 07-Oct-2022 1:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Based on a 2021 survey, the results show significant growth in the public's understanding of the profession's role and level of expertise.

    Consumers' perceptions of physical therapy are moving away from the idea that it's only about injury recovery and toward an understanding that PTs can also help them move more efficiently and reduce pain: That's one of the main takeaways from APTA's recently released report on the public's awareness of the profession. Results from the 2021 survey and focus groups also reveal that a growing number of consumers view PTs as more knowledgeable than primary care providers in the areas of diagnosis and treatment of injuries, injury prevention, and mobility improvement.

    The study, sponsored by APTA and conducted by SMS Research, included responses from 400 online survey participants (an amount above the participant standard for market research and associated with a 95% confidence interval) and eight focus groups held in New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and Orange County, California. Respondents and focus group participants ranged in age from 30 to 64 and included people who had received physical therapy as well as those who had not. Many areas of the study mirror research conducted in 2016, which allowed APTA to gauge shifts in consumer awareness and assess the role APTA's public relations strategy may have played.

    Overall, the study reveals that APTA's public relations work — including the association's national ChoosePT public brand and related campaigns around opioid use and physical activity, as well as its extensive ChoosePT.com consumer website — is helping shape public opinion about the profession.

    Among the findings:

    • A track record of positive consumer experiences: Among respondents who had received physical therapy, 92% rated their experience as either very (63%) or somewhat (29%) beneficial.
    • A growing recognition of PTs as first-choice providers after physicians: When it comes to diagnosis and treatment of injury, pain, or movement limitations, PTs were selected as the provider of choice after physicians among those who had received physical therapy in the past (33%) as well as those who hadn't (29%) — rates higher than orthopedists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and occupational therapists.
    • Expanded perception of what PTs can do: While in 2016 consumers tended to choose injury recovery as the primary reason to see a PT (43%), over time responses have indicated a more even spread among injury prevention, recovery from surgery, pain reduction, and improving range of motion, a category that saw a 7% increase in awareness.
    • Awareness of when PTs may be the most knowledgeable provider: Among both users and nonusers of physical therapy, perceptions of instances in which PTs may have more knowledge than PCPs have grown compared with 2016. Of those who have had physical therapy, 39% said that PTs have more knowledge than PCPs when it comes to diagnosing and treating injuries, 38% gave the knowledge edge to PTs around how to prevent future injuries, and 37% saw PTs as more knowledgeable when it comes to improving physical activity and mobility, up from 30%, 27%, and 31%, respectively. Nonusers reported similar, albeit less dramatic, increases, except for the mobility category, where 37% of nonusers credited PTs with more knowledge than PCPs, up from 27% in 2016.
    • Among those who had experienced physical therapy, a drop in prescription pain medication use: In 2016, 70% of respondents who had received physical therapy reported using prescription pain medication; that number dropped to 57% in 2021. Among nonusers, the percentage rose slightly, from 50% in 2016 to 52% in 2021.

    The report also describes areas where more work needs to be done, particularly around consumers' feelings about seeing a PT without a referral from a PCP. The survey revealed that the rates of consumers who wouldn't see a PT without getting a referral remain high, at 62% for those who've had physical therapy and 67% among nonusers. That's a slight improvement from the 71% rates both groups reported in 2016. However, the survey noted a sizable jump in the number of physical therapy users who now say they'd go directly to a PT without a referral, up from 23% to 33% in 2021.

    The study also revealed a reluctance to engage in telehealth or digital physical therapy, with 63% of users and 75% of nonusers saying that they were not likely to engage in physical therapy delivered through telehealth.

    "This report is a timely resource for members to help them understand what the public thinks about the profession and that opportunities for growth exist," said Aaron Bishop, APTA vice president of public affairs. "It also contains significant good news — that many consumers understand the range of roles PTs can play in health care and that they appreciate the areas in which PTs actually possess more knowledge than primary care providers."

  • 08-Jul-2022 1:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    APTA Members: AMA Seeks Your Help on New CPT Code Values

    Be on the lookout for an email requesting your input on values for new CPT codes on caregiver training without the patient present. 

  • 06-Jul-2022 1:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A remarkable athletic, intelligent and accomplished woman left this earth on April 9th when Phyllis Adele Bagley passed away at 94. Miss Bagley died at home of natural causes with loved ones present.

    In 1960, Phyllis Bagley became the very first licensed physical therapist in the state of Montana and began her career at St. James Hospital in Butte.

    Read more about Phyllis in her obituary here. 

  • 28-Jun-2022 1:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    APTA Members: AMA Seeks Your Help on New CPT Code Values

    Be on the lookout for an email requesting your input on values for new CPT codes on caregiver training without the patient present. 

    2022 APTA House of Delegates Motions Posted

    The House will consider 22 motions during upcoming virtual and in-person meetings including several that touch on payment-related issues. 

    Study: Telehealth Has Improved Care Access in Disadvantaged Areas

    Researchers say the CMS telehealth waivers worked and should be made permanent.

    Good Fit: Physical Therapy and Value-Based Care

    Practices that can improve outcomes while lowering costs have a lot to gain as health care moves to payment models focused on value.


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  • 09-Jun-2022 9:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Programming Committee is initiating a new opportunity for Montana PTs and PTAs to share their knowledge with each other and continue building community! We would like to produce four one hour programs via Zoom annually. Would you be interested in producing a program based on your expertise? Send us a proposal! Successful candidates would receive a $100 honorarium. All proceeds will go directly to support APTA Montana's efforts to work with insurance companies to increase reimbursement rates, to support direct access, to support delegates and lobbyists working to bring your voice to the national APTA.

    If interested please submit your brief outline including course title, brief description, and course objectives to: Jeanne Korn, MSc, MPT. at: jeannekorn60@gmail.com, or to the office at mapta@mapta.com Please feel free to contact us for any questions as well.

  • 27-May-2022 12:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    APTA Montana has an exciting opportunity for interested physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students. Student members are encouraged to apply for one of two student scholarships for the APTA Leadership Congress Student Development session from August 14-15, 2022, in Washington DC. This new event brings together APTA leadership groups for several days of meetings to advance the Association. The House of Delegates will occur at this event, as well as the annual APTA Honors & Awards Ceremony and Maley Lecture.

    APTA Montana will cover travel and per diem expenses for two students who:

    • Are interested in getting more active in the APTA Montana.
    • Have completed the equivalent of the first year of physical therapy education by August 2022.

    To apply, interested students must be a member of the APTA Montana and complete this application

    Awardees will be expected to:

    • Attend the APTA Leadership Congress Student Development Sessions on August 14-15, 2022, in Washington, DC.
    • Write a summary of your experience for the APTA Montana “Under the Big Sky” newsletter.
    • Remain a student of the APTA Montana for at least 1 year
    • Develop a project of your choice to give back to the MT (S)PT/(S)PTA population, see application for more details.

    The application deadline is June 10, 2022. APTA Montana will cover travel, per reimbursement policy, and you may be asked to share a room with Montana representatives to the House of Delegates.  Please submit your application and direct your questions to mapta@mapta.com

  • 21-Feb-2022 1:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    APTA MT launches an online community for Montana PTs and PTAs to network, find solutions, share ideas and more. At aptamtcommunity.com, you can find subgroups by profession or specialty. Invitations were sent out last week, and you can click on the link to join at anytime. We are looking for volunteers to lead some of the specialty subgroups, so let us know if you are interested. 
  • 07-Dec-2021 4:35 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The end of the year is quickly approaching and the next two weeks are critical, as Congress must act to stop Medicare cuts to dozens of providers, including physical therapists. In addition, Congress must act to prevent the impending 15% payment differential under Medicare when services are provided by a physical therapist assistant.

    Send this template letter to members of Congress. Please do so as soon as possible and urge Congress to include the bill language from the Support Medicare Providers Act (H.R. 6020) and the Stabilizing Medicare Access to Rehabilitation and Therapy Act, or SMART Act (H.R. 5536) in any end-of-year legislation package. Both bills would prevent deep cuts slated to take effect on Jan. 1, 2022 — H.R. 6020 addresses the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule pay cuts, and H.R. 5536 provides relief from the PTA pay differential.

    Thank you for your support of APTA advocacy! Please encourage your patients, friends, and family participate by going to the Patient Action Center.

  • 07-Dec-2021 4:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This from DPHHS:

    Montana Healthcare Programs is excited to introduce a new Provider Services portal. Beginning December 13, 2021, you will notice a change to the online enrollment links. All providers seeking to enroll with Montana Healthcare Programs will be directed to the new MPATH online application offering a more efficient way to enroll, update information, easily submit claims, and even submit electronic claim adjustments!
    Provider Enrollment Portal - The enrollment portal is a self-service online system. The portal provides secure and efficient processing of the enrollment application.

    Significant improvements include:
     The ability to upload supporting documents. There will be no need to fax or email any portion of the application or supporting documentation.
     Faster application processing as the application process is consolidated to one online submission. The portal will guide applicants through the requirements by section. Application forms have required fields with help information icons on every page.
     An online user guide support. A detailed user guide is available to support all features of the provider service module.

    Provider Maintenance Features - Once a provider is active with the portal, the process of updating information is very efficient. Updating the license, address and other relevant information can be done online without the need to fax or email information.
     Upload supporting documentation utilizing varying document types including but not limited to .doc, .pdf, and jpg.
     Submit and manage all updates via the online secure portal.
    MPATH Claims Entry Solution - The claims entry solution is an online tool allowing providers to manually enter claims.
     Electronic Claim Adjustments - Paper adjustment forms are no longer required. The provider service module allows for online claim adjustments.
     The solution contains claim form templates. This will allow providers to create and save templates for common claim submissions. No need to start from scratch every time.
     There is now a Diagnosis and Procedure code look-up. The system has code look-up features to assist with entering the correct information.
     It is a great alternative to WinASAP5010. The claims entry solution is free, simple to use and providers can enter claims without converting and uploading files.

    There will be a temporary freeze on new provider enrollments beginning 12/4/2021 through 12/13/2021. Additionally, emailed provider file update requests will no longer be accepted as of 12/10/2021. For now, faxed provider file updates will continue to be processed.

    Provider Services Portal Trainings – There will be separate training for enrollment and claim changes. Providers can register for training by going to https://medicaidprovider.mt.gov/training.

    Currently, four training dates are available.
     Enrollment (4 Hour Training)
    o Tuesday, December 7, 2021 1pm-5pm
    o Tuesday, December 14, 2021 1pm-5pm
     Claims (3 Hour Training)
    o Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 9 am-12 pm
    o Wednesday, December 15, 2021, 1 pm-4 pm

    Contact Information
    If you have any questions, please contact:
    For additional information, contact Montana Provider Relations at (800) 624-3958 or (406) 442- 1837 or email MTPRHelpdesk@conduent.com.
    Visit the Montana Healthcare Programs Provider Information website at

  • 07-Oct-2021 2:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    As the trusted leader of the physical therapy profession, we are proud to provide the APTA Centennial Lecture Series. This continuing education series features recognized leaders on topics in clinical practice, practice management, payment, and innovation. Live attendance also enables you to earn CEUs. Recordings of prior lectures are also available.


    Physical Therapist Management of the Bicyclist

    Date: Oct. 22-23

    Presenter: Erik Moen, PT

    Sponsored by: Chattanooga

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